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Bamboo flooring installation is an amazing alternative to any kind of typical floor. It matches almost every room, from the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom or even the hall. Another great advantage of bamboo flooring is its price! Feel closer to nature and try to bamboo flooring. This uncommon material is eco-friendly. Choose this solid green product and add some ambience to your house. Good looking, affordable for everyone, and easy in maintenance… the obvious choice is bamboo flooring.

Whether interested in environmentally friendly flooring or you just like the look of exotic “wood”, green flooring may be an option for you. These plant based products are more sustainable than many traditional hardwood floors.

Bamboo flooring is one example. When harvested and manufactured correctly, bamboo flooring is harder than a traditional oak floor! We offer two different types of grains of bamboo flooring: Vertical Grain and Horizontal Grain. There are also a couple options regarding color. Natural is lighter in color while carbonized is darker.


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Bamboo flooring is an excellent “green” flooring alternative to hardwood flooring Chicago. Bamboo is a fast growing grass that replenishes itself faster than a tree can. A common misconception is that bamboo flooring is more flimsy or soft than hardwood. However, when harvested properly, bamboo flooring can be harder than a traditional oak floor. Bamboo flooring comes in two different grain types: vertical grain and horizontal grain. There are also some options regarding color, so whether you desire a darker or lighter color, bamboo has you covered. This exotic “wood” is a relatively inexpensive way to provide character in your home. In addition, like many hardwoods, bamboo floors can be refinished. Though a wonderful option for most homes, bamboo is a little more sensitive to water and humidity. If in doubt, contact Peter Flooring today. Our friendly professionals are happy to help you decide if bamboo flooring is right for you.

Many of our hardwood floors are already sustainably grown, but we are proud to have the opportunity to provide additional sustainable options.

Bamboo Flooring Installation at Peter Flooring Chicago

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