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About hardwood floor refinishing process

Rather than replacing a wood floor, you may have heard of the option of refinishing. But what exactly is refinishing? Refinishing consists of sanding off the finish from an existing wood floor. The floor is then smoothed over and covered with a new finish. Refinishing allows an old floor to look brand new. It eliminates scratches. It can also help fix minor unevenness. It is a much less labor intensive than having a new floor installed, and less wasteful.

It is strongly advised to seek the aid of an adept when contemplating the hardwood floor refinishing Chicago. To get the highest caliber hardwood floor refinishing Chicago services in the area, it is recommended to contact Peter Flooring. Hardwood flooring Chicago has the potential to last for a significant duration, however, occasional intervention may be necessary to maintain its longevity. Utilizing our extensive expertise, we possess the capability to revitalize your deteriorated and weathered floor, restoring its appearance to a state near to its original condition. The process of hardwood floor refinishing Chicago involves the abrasion of an existing hardwood floor installation Chicago by sanding, followed by the application of a fresh stain. Boost the aesthetic appeal of any interior area by installing a fresh flooring option or by selecting a complementary color scheme that harmonizes with recently acquired furniture pieces.

Types of floor finishes

When getting a floor refinished, there are three primary types of finishes: polyurethane, varnish, and penetrating sealer. Each sealer has different pros and cons. Polyurethane can be either oil or water based. This type is great for high traffic or high moisture locations, but harder to touch up. Varnish can be matte or glossy in finish. The glossier the finish, the more durable it is. It is easy to touch up. It often darkens with age. Penetrating sealer is a natural looking finish that emphasizes the wood’s grain. It offers great protection, but is less durable than polyurethane or varnish.

How to prepare for hardwood floor refinishing

When hiring a professional to refinish your floors, it is highly recommended that you leave your home for the duration of the process. All of the furniture will have to be removed from that room. It is also best not to travel through the room, as it is important to avoid additional scratches. Any pets can cause scratches on your newly sanded floor. Tracking moisture into the room can prolong the refinishing process, as the unfinished floor can absorb moisture. Additionally, while precautions will be taken to keep dust from spilling over to neighboring rooms, it will often still spread. Consider covering furniture in neighboring rooms with plastic and keeping windows open to help dissipate odors from chemicals used for finishing.


Why even hire a professional flooring contractor

Hardwood flooring Chicago is an asset; raising property values and bringing a luxury appeal to any room. Unfortunately, hardwood flooring can lose its luster over time due to poor maintenance; that’s where we come in. At Peter Flooring, we offer the best hardwood floor refinishing services in Chicago. We take a minimalist approach when it comes to sanding, focusing on taking off the least amount possible, while also ensuring that the ‘new’ surface is even, to allow for the best possible outcome for your new finish. Unlike the rentable machines at the home renovation store, our floor sanders are state of the art and professional grade. The hardwood floor refinishing team is thoroughly trained to know how to evenly sand hardwood flooring, and are experts in applying hardwood floor finishes evenly and proportionally to achieve the finish you want.

Why should you choose Peter to refinish your hardwood flooring

If you are redecorating or have recently purchased a home, you may simply wish to lighten or darken the finish of your hardwood flooring to match a new home décor style. In order to get the perfect finish on your hardwood floors, you just need to visit us or give us a call! Our customer service representatives are highly trained in finish options and which finishes compliment designs, styles and décor. At Peter Hardwood, our floor refinishing services includes providing the highest quality products in order to complete your refinishing project. From start to finish, you will be assisted by experts who will walk you through every step of the process. For the best refinishing service in Chicago, just call Peter Flooring!

If you are looking for reliable hardwood floor refinishing specialist, you are at the right place!