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Peter Flooring knows hardwood flooring Chicago is an investment. Our commitment to lasting quality continues long after the job is done. Here are some suggestions for the care and maintenance of your floor:

  • Vacuum and sweep regularly.
  • Remove spills immediately.
  • Use rugs and mats at high traffic or areas with a lot of moisture.
  • Use a humidifier and keep the humidity at 35% to 55%.
  • Trim your pets’ claws.
  • Avoid using wax, oil soap, or harsh household cleaners on finished wood floors.
  • Avoid frequent mopping to avoid swelling and warping.

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Peter Flooring Inc recommends Basic Coatings hardwood floor cleaning products.
Peter Flooring recommends Basic Coatings hardwood floor cleaning products. You can purchase a complete Basic Coatings hardwood floor care system from us. It is a water based, non-toxic cleaner that will quickly clean tough stains and spills. Be sure to clean often, especially if you have children or pets. This will maintain your floors beauty and allow your floors to last a lifetime.

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Basic Coatings Floor Care Products

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