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Vinyl Floors Installation & Repair Contractor Chicago

Peter Flooring servicing whole Chicago with Vinyl Flooring Installation

Peter Flooring is one of Chicagoland’s leaders in vinyl flooring installation. Vinyl flooring is another great option in the stead of hardwood flooring. Vinyl flooring is an engineered product that is similar in many ways to linoleum. While hardwood flooring is beautiful, it does not always hold up well in high traffic areas due to wear and tear. This is where vinyl comes in. It is durable and can be an excellent alternative for offices, schools, stores, and even homes due to its dirt and water resistance.


Get your Vinyl Flooring in Chicagoland

Vinyl can be purchased in sheets or tiles of various colors and designs. For vinyl plank flooring installation, calling a professional such as Peter Flooring is highly recommended. Our experts are highly versed in vinyl floor installation and vinyl floor repair. There are two different types of vinyl: printed and inlaid. As a trusted vinyl floor contractor, Peter Flooring has superior knowledge and experience with both. Though vinyl flooring is durable, and can help prevent glass from breaking, sharp objects can gouge a vinyl floor’s surface, as can moving furniture. If this happens, it’s not the end of the world. Peter Flooring is happy to assist you in your vinyl flooring repair needs.

Vinyl flooring an engineered product, similar to linoleum, made of polyvinyl chloride. It is a great investment for offices, schools, banks, stores, and homes. Vinyl flooring is durable and can bear a high traffic floor. There are two types of vinyl floors: printed and inlaid. Printed vinyl is the cheaper of the two. However, inlaid vinyl is a superior quality. Both are available in sheets and tiles.

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