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What makes engineered hardwood different than solid hardwood? Both are made of wood, with no extra materials, but the construction is different. In the case of solid wood flooring, each board is made from a single piece of wood. Engineered wood flooring is created with a hardwood or plywood core topped with a hardwood veneer. It can be easier to install, cheaper, and more moisture resistant than solid wood. While some solid hardwoods may be cheaper than engineered hardwood, it can take longer to install.

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With this in mind, it is a wonderful option for basements, bathrooms, or over concrete: locations where hardwood floors are not always the best option. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished, meaning battered floor can be made to look like new. Engineered hardwood can be installed by yourself or by professionals. Though some flooring brands have a locking system, we highly recommend using a professional to install your floors. This will guarantee a correct install with no damage to your new floor. Peter Flooring has decades of experience in flooring installation. We’ll happily assist you with your flooring needs.


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