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What makes engineered hardwood different than solid hardwood? Both are made of wood, with no extra materials, but the construction is different. In the case of solid wood flooring, each board is made from a single piece of wood. Engineered wood flooring is created with a hardwood or plywood core topped with a hardwood veneer. It can be easier to install, cheaper, and more moisture resistant than solid wood. While some solid hardwoods may be cheaper than engineered hardwood, it can take longer to install.


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With this in mind, it is a wonderful option for basements, bathrooms, or over concrete: locations where hardwood floors are not always the best option. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished, meaning battered floor can be made to look like new. Engineered hardwood can be installed by yourself or by professionals. Though some flooring brands have a locking system, we highly recommend using a professional to install your floors. This will guarantee a correct install with no damage to your new floor. Peter Flooring has decades of experience in flooring installation. We’ll happily assist you with your flooring needs.

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Aspects and benefits of engineered hardwood.

Any hardwood floor refinishing Chicago is a great investment due that it provides your house a natural, ageless look and also a luxurious and warm look. Engineering hardwood flooring Chicago is a great alternative to solid wood flooring due that it has more dimensional toughness, and can be more affordable, also difference is almost unnoticed between the two materials when installed. Engineered hardwood flooring laminate is built in a way that ensures durability and resistance to moisture and temperatures. The most exciting about it is that it seems as solid as wood flooring due that the top layer is legitimate solid wood, but it contains a plywood construction below. The above coating of hardwood is perpendicular to the plywood underfloor, which offers strength and stability to the floor, permitting it to react to temperature changes and humidity, signifying it can be used with subfloor heating and in places where temperatures rise and lower significantly, like in utility rooms and conservatories.

A gorgeous appearance

One of the most useful benefits of engineered hardwood flooring that you can get today because it looks like authentic wood. When engineered wood was created, many people considered it a not meaningful substitute for solid wood, but nowadays not even the worst critics can say that at this point. A high-quality engineered hardwood flooring can cheat even the biggest skeptic into making think that the floor is made of solid wood.

Moisture resistant

Aside from the great look, this can be probably one of the most important benefits of using laminate flooring over solid wood. Due to the smart design, laminate floors don’t contract or expand as much as solid wood. This implies that it can be installed in places where solid wood may be damaged. Specifically, in bathrooms and kitchens, where the moisture amount and temperatures increase a lot, the right wood floor won’t even get affected.


The form in which wood floor planks are built requires a huge tree to craft a wide solid wood plank. That is different from engineered hardwood flooring Chicago. Due that underfloor planks are crafted using plywood, that means that planks can be a lot wider than solid wood floors without exceeding too much your budget. That signifies that you can encounter a two or three-lane equivalent wood floor, that will allow you to utilize fewer joints through the floor and perform a floor install in a portion of time.


In the same way that hardwood flooring comes in many different sorts and grades, the same occurs for laminated flooring as it comes in a similar range for top layers and strips. This signifies that you can get the appearance that you want and find the proper finish that will match your lifestyle. The variations in wood species also represent that you can customize your choice according to your budget. If you are looking for a long-lasting, lacquered low priced option, or maybe an aged, oiled premium option, you are the one who decides.

Durability and long lifespan

Even with the number of sanding processes of engineered hardwood flooring Chicago that will depend on the density of the top coating, there is no loss due that engineered hardwood flooring Chicago can be re-sanded during its lifetime. Performing a re-sanding to the floor will provide new life to the material even when it looks worn out. It is as well a great way of getting rid of marks or stains on the surface. So after performing a re-sading on a laminated floor then you can perform a finish to shield and recover its appearance. Engineered wood flooring is made of several layers of plywood that are joined together prior to being covered with a solid wood layer, or upper layer. Ensuring that floorboards made this way are highly resistant and will resist heavy footsteps in whether commercial or domestic environments.