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Some floor types are very susceptible to damage. Gym floors are one, but garage floors are more so due to the many harmful and corrosive substances that come in contact with it. Garages are frequently used, and cars leave oil and grease marks. An epoxy coating can make your floor shiny, easy to clean, and stain resistant.


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We have several epoxy flooring systems that last much longer than the paints you can buy in stores. We offer Epoxy Quartz, Epoxy Chip, and Designer Epoxy flooring options.

Another garage floor option is durable PVC vinyl mats or tiles. These mats help protect your floor against corrosive substances. These mats are made of PVC non-porous materials. We have a roll out garage floor mat that you can roll out and be cleaned.

When you are thinking about new floor in your garage, don’t hesitate to call us. Here, at Peter Flooring we are succesfully installing garage floors for over 35 years! Our workers are qualified and trained to serve your needs with every kind of flooring in your garage.

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