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Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost

Hardwood flooring might not be the cheapest option, but it’s so popular for a reason. It has a classic look and adds warmth and ambience to the place. Also, a significant feature of hardwood flooring is durability – properly installed, it c last for decades!

After you decide to get a new hardwood floor installation, you probably want to know the total cost of this service. The detailed price varies depending primarily on two factors: the cost of material and the cost of installation.

There’s plenty of hardwood flooring types available on the market. The price per square foot depends on the quality of materials and type of wood used. A general rule is: the softer the wood is, the lower the price is. But as with every rule, this has some exceptions. The cost varies from approximately $4 per square foot for softer woods to as much as $15 or more for exotic woods like Brazilian walnut or mahogany. To properly calculate the total price of hardwood floor installation, you have to add the cost of flooring contractor work. This varies from $4 to $8 per foot square.

How to get the estimation from Peter Flooring?

The easiest way to get estimated cost of hardwood floor installation or refinishing by Peter Flooring is simply calling us at 773 481-2244. You can also reach us by filling the estimate form on this page.

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When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing and installations, our contractors use the latest tools to obtain fantastic outcomes to our customers. Our hardwood flooring contractors are the best at what they do. We can achieve the hardwood flooring that you have always dreamt of!

We guarantee that our hardwood flooring contractors will meet our high standards of workmanship, function and durability. We believe our already skilled workers become better woodworkers by using better tools. We provide and use brand names such as Woodcraft, Rockler and more.