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4 Suggestions for Hardwood Floors and Pets

When you have pets, wood flooring is significantly easier to maintain than carpeting. However, there are a few points to consider when you have hardwood floors as well as pets.
Hardwood floors are a superb flooring option for people who have pets. They are excellent allergen reducers as wood floors do not have fibers that trap and retain allergens like dander and microorganisms, as carpeting does. Additionally, wood flooring is much easier than carpeting to maintain cleanliness. Yet there are various things to consider when you have hardwood flooring Chicago residents prefer and also have pets.

Choosing the Appropriate Wood For Pets

If you already own hardwood floors, it is too late for you to change the type of wood installed in your house. However, if you are planning new hardwood floor installation Chicago property owners trust, use wood based on your pets as well as the aesthetics of your home.
The most ideal wood for your pet, specifically if you own a dog, is a wood with a more complicated grain. Dog’s nails may easily create dents in softer woods. Additionally, select light to medium colored hardwood as scratches, dander, and hair may show more easily on flooring of a darker color. If this particular light to medium wood has a more noticeable grain, it is even better at hiding scratches. Oak, hickory, and ash, are all excellent options to consider.
In the finishing stage of your floors select a matte or a satin finish over a glossy one. Shiny floors generally serve to highlight hair and scratches even though you seek to hide them.

Utilize Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

The areas of your floors that get the most traffic from people and pets can be protected by rugs. They add personality and beauty to your home as well. Avoid rubber backed rugs, as they may damage your floors as time passes.
Always be sure to have a rug under your pets’ water and food dishes in order to soak up spills and drips. If the rug becomes damp, immediately replace it so the floor does not become damaged by sustained water contact.
You need not worry about fido.  In terms of hardwood flooring, cats also require care.  If you use a litter box, move it to an area that does not have wood flooring or place a mat underneath it.

Pet Accidents On Wood Floors

Unfortunately, accidents will occur occasionally. Do not allow your concerns about cat or dog urine keep you from getting proper sleep. Be sure to keep a bottle of enzyme cleaner made for hardwood floors nearby. This helps to reduce or remove the smell which should help to prevent repetition. Clean up accidents immediately after they happen using the enzyme cleaner.

Trim Your Dogs’ Nails Regularly

Not only will this minimize damage to your wood floors but is also advantageous for your dog. Imagine the feeling in your feet if you were never to trim your toenails!

Whatever type of flooring you have, pets certainly cause more wear and tear on your floors. But they are worth the risk. Pets offer unconditional love in return which is priceless. And when you do require the best hardwood floor refinishing Chicago has to offer, get in touch with us at Peter Flooring for a free quote. We look forward to meeting your furry friends as well!