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Can I Hire a Professional to Install Reclaimed Hardwood?

In the world of Pinterest, D-I-Y, and Home Improvement for Dummies, there has been great interest in repurposing, up-cycling, and reclaiming used items, especially in home decor. Is it a good idea to up-cycle your flooring? There are a few things to consider when planning your build, renovation, or redecoration.


Quality Matters

Just as you would look for the best products when shopping at a home improvement store, you want to be particular about the items you decide to up-cycle. Your flooring is important for your home. It’s the first thing someone will notice when they enter your home, and it needs to withstand high traffic and ordinary wear-and-tear from pets, children, and shoes.

When looking at boards or planks for your hardwood flooring you want to choose products that aren’t rotted or otherwise damaged. The standard thickness of hardwood flooring is 3/4 inch, so be sure to measure your wood before you make a purchase!

Pallets and Planks

There are entire blogs, websites, and books dedicated to pallet repurposing. You can build anything out of pallets that you could with store-bought wood planks. Some may assume that pallet-made products are low-quality, but this isn’t always true. Most pallets are made of pine or oak, and both are hard woods and make beautiful hardwood floors.

Another type of wood that is being repurposed all over the web is barn wood. Provided the wood is in good condition and of optimum thickness, it will also make a beautiful floor.

Call in the Professionals

If you’ve found the perfect wood, or acquired a family barn and want to repurpose the wood to preserve the family’s history, you want it done right. To ensure your reclaimed hardwood is installed in the best possible way contact Peter Flooring today for your free estimate. Our professionals can decide the best way to install your reclaimed hardwood. Depending on the thickness and condition of both the planks and the subfloor, the installer may decide to glue them on, or nail them on.

Professional expertise

Professional hardwood flooring contractors have experience and a skillset that allows them to perform jobs consistently and pick the right resources to use for your particular situation. There has been research done that says floors are often not symmetrically shaped because homeowners apply them without professional guidance. This is a tedious task to undergo for someone who is not proficient in hardwood floor installation so to get that perfect even look you want consulting a hardwood floor refinishing expert is your best bet. It is recommended that you always consult a professional when hardwood floor repair is needed.

If you call Peter Flooring you can bet you’ll get the expert advice you need to arrive at the reclaimed floor you envision for your home or business