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Choosing the best floor for you

Hardwood flooring overview

Whether you’re looking to refinance, sell, remodel, or redecorate your property, your floor is a factor. It’s often the first thing someone notices when they enter a building, and definitely one of the first things someone notices when they’re looking to buy or rent! So, when you’re ready to find the best floor for your home or business in the Chicago area, look no further than Peter Flooring. We know that hardwood floors last for the life of the home, so it is important that you get the floor you want and the quality you need.


What You Want, What You Need

As a home or business owner you want your new flooring to be beautiful and to match your home decor. You want the freedom to change your mind, view samples, and make an informed decision. You need to find an affordable company to install your new flooring. You need an installation that will not interrupt your daily life at your home or business. You need help!

Depending on your subfloor you may need to use a floating floor product instead of a nailed-on floor. If your subfloor is uneven and requires a filler we cannot install a nail-on floor. For this reason it’s best to find a trusted professional during this process so that you choose something appropriate for your home. At Peter Flooring we strive to bring you the best floor for your need.

What We’ve Got

Peter Flooring is a local business serving the Chicago area for more than fifteen years. We stay abreast to the current trends of fashion and marketing in the flooring industry and work together with general contractors, designers, and architects to make sure you have the best floor for your home or business. We also offer the best products in the industry for our services: planks, pre-finished and laminate flooring, and bamboo and cork flooring. We can help you decide between pre-finished and unfinished, oak or vintage, a color-match, “lace-in”, or any number of other things to choose from. Peter Flooring will be available from start to finish offering expert advice and the utmost professionalism.

When you are ready to start making decisions for your flooring future, call and schedule an estimate today. Browse our gallery to help you decide what type of floor you want and need!