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Five contrasts between refinishing and replacing a hardwood made floor

1 Refinishing is more affordable.
If you chose to perform a replacement of the hardwood, you will have to pay additional for the wood. Apart, you will have to pay for taking down the hardwood floor that currently exists. Contrary to this, doing wood floor refinishing doesn’t involve additional costs.

You would only have to pay for the refinishing job. Moreover, if a given part of the wood floor is damaged, you could only replace that area to get the new aspect after refinishing. For that reason, if the price is a restriction for you, it is best to decide for hardwood floor refinishing Chicago.

2. Lifetime and status
To have hardwood flooring Chicago is an expensive choice, For that reason, you must contemplate the status of the wood before replacing it. If you notice that this wood hasn’t been switched for several years, you could decide to replace it. Nevertheless, if the wood has been restored recently, you could just decide to refinish it only. On the other hand, the current status of the floor’s wood is determinant when deciding if to replace it or refinish it.

When the hardwood in the floor has passed the refinishing process a lot of times, or if the dents between are excessively large, then replacing may be the only good option.

3. Consider the attractiveness of hardwood flooring. 
If your hardwood floor is looking dull or ugly for scratches or dents, and your only objective is to replenish the attractiveness of your hardwood floor, you could just consider refinishing it. Refinishing comes perfectly just to restore the good-looking aspect of your hardwood floor and can provide an entirely new look to your already existing floor without the need of expending so much money.

4. Replacing the species of wood.
Many people in the United States really like oak wood floors for their appearance and grain. Oakwood floors can be found in the majority of American homes. Nevertheless, not many persons like in the same way clear maple, modern-looking bamboo, or Brazilian cherry.

If you ever decide to change the type of wood, a replacement approach makes sense. Nevertheless, to exchange the appearance, you can also take into account staining your wooden floor. So it is important to take this into account before deciding to replace it.

5 A process that takes time.
To replace hardwood flooring is a process that takes time and it’s a pretty meticulous process. It can take a couple of days to do the refinishing work. It needs some equipment such as sandpaper, stain, polishers, rollers, brushes, polyurethane, sanders, and much more. So if you reside in the same house, it may become more difficult for you.
Hardwood floor repair Chicago or replacement on the other aspects takes less time. It is a faster process when compared to refinishing. For this reason, many people decide for a replacement to prevent the mess that causes the refinishing.

Final consideration
If you are getting a new house, then performing refinishing may be a better option. Nevertheless, when you stay in your house, replacing may be easier and without hassles. Without a doubt, refinishing wood floors is a way cheaper option contrasted to a replacement. For that reason, if budget matters to you, it is best to decide on refinishing. Whether is a refinishing or a replacement, the decision is up to your particular case.

If you are not sure yet about what to decide or not, then you can reach us to get professional advice from our expert contractors.