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Hardwood floor refinishing can go a long way

Do you know when is the right time to either salvage your former wood floors or install new hardwood flooring Hinsdale? Yes, hardwood floors are durable and withstand a lot of regular wear and tear before needing to be replaced. These can normally last 50 years or even longer as long as routine maintenance and minor repairs are performed on time.


The main indication is the extent of damage, where only regular use and wear will allow for a hardwood floor refinishing. Take note that this can only be done a limited amount of times, usually ten times depending on the wood type and current condition. However, engineered hardwood flooring can only be refinished once since the hardwood consists of a thin topmost layer over the entire board. Repair can also be a great option when damage has only occurred to a small portion of the floor.


When your floor is beyond repair and a hardwood floor installation is required

There comes a time when the floor reaches a state that is beyond fixable. Once effects of flooding such as warping or buckling take place, new hardwood floor installation is definitely needed. In certain cases, only sections of the floor may have water damage and can be repaired on its own. However, the surrounding area needs to be inspected for signs of structural damage that may not be noticed from the surface, which may seem nice, aesthetically,
Other circumstances such as mold can also be a problem that runs deep enough to require removal of the layer of subfloor, in which case a hardwood floor replacement should occur.

You may also want to shop for new flooring once termites take hold. First, any introducers should be eradicated so that any large chunks of floor can be completely replaced. It’s best to speak with a professional hardwood flooring contractor in order to determine the factors of your situation and provide the specific solution to your circumstance.