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Authentic hardwood flooring in Chicago comes in a wide selection of textures for your choosing. With professional work done, any simple texture can add allure to your flooring as well as the rest of your interiors. You can choose from a plethora of flooring textures available in the market, from smooth flooring to sawn-marked floors. Let us discuss each one below.


A smooth flooring texture displays elegance in every way. You would mostly come across traditional hardwoods when looking for smooth texture on floors. This style looks particularly great with contemporary residential or commercial designs. A smooth look such as what you find in bamboo flooring in Chicago captures the authentic beauty of natural grains. If you are going for a homey modern aesthetics and feel, smooth flooring goes well with our wooden stairs in Chicago.


If you are curious about wire-brushed flooring, they are made with actual wires that are woven by hand. It is a thorough process that involves removing the softwood from the top layer of the floor, thereby creating a beautiful and long-wearing texture. You would also notice how it creates soft swirls, adding character to an already rugged flooring texture. With its unique style, a wire-brushed texture enhances the natural beauty of any flooring. This would look even better with our hardwood floor refinishing service in Chicago.


Hand-scraped hardwoods are perfect for that antique interior look. It mimics flooring that has been worn out over time, so it looks historical yet is well-appreciated by homeowners. To make it even more unique, each plank is shaped by hand. If you need help with the hardwood floor installation in Chicago, let us know and we will be with you as soon as possible.
On the other hand, heavy-scraped floors have the same process as hand-crafted hardwoods but with more details. By creating deeper grooves on each plank, it creates a rustic vibe that looks perfect for restored old homes.


Sawn-marked texture displays a distressed look that is ideal for dressing down a fancy-looking home. It mimics rough sawn wood patched together to make one solid flooring. Overall, it creates a rustic aesthetic, making any home look more inviting and cozy. In case of accidents at home and you need an urgent hardwood floor repair in Chicago for your sawn-marked flooring, we are just one call away.


A distressed flooring texture has a combination of several textures including wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and sawn-marked. As a result, you can achieve a unique aesthetic to add contrast to all-white rooms. We have expert hardwood flooring contractors Burr Ridge that can guide you through the entire process and assist you if a distressed flooring is the perfect choice of texture for your home.