Hardwood Flooring For The Bedroom

Replacing your floors is one way to go about modernizing or refreshing your home.  A lot of homes have bedroom carpeting that can easily look dated or dingy.  Hardwood floor installation is a quick way to add timeless style as well as value to your home while you update the flooring in your bedroom.  Are you not convinced to install hardwood flooring in your bedroom?  Why don’t you read below to see some of hardwood flooring’s pros and cons laid out and determine whether it is a good idea for you.

Hardwood Flooring Advantages
Hardwood Flooring is Non-Allergenic

Being non-allergenic is among the main benefits of hardwood flooring Chicago. Having non-allergenic materials in your bedroom is essential.  You would not want to expose yourself to allergens during your sleeping hours.  Allergens impact your health in a variety of ways including an increase of your susceptibility to respiratory disease.  Carpeting is widely known for trapping animal dander, dust, and various other allergens, while at the same time, hardwood flooring, including cork flooring and bamboo flooring is known as being the top hypoallergenic bedroom flooring around. As dirt and debris may become trapped in grout, as hardwood flooring can repel some of this, it is more hypoallergenic than tile or laminate.

Bedroom Flooring That Has an Extended Lifespan

Standing up to the test of time is another benefit of hardwood flooring. Different from bedroom flooring material alternatives, it is possible that hardwood flooring lasts for your home’s entire lifetime, a fact hardwood flooring contractors can attest to. Eventually, hardwood floor refinishing may be required, but even with a lot of traffic, your floor will stand strong.  Alternatively, carpet flooring must be replaced every 8-10 years and laminate floors will not last more than a few decades.

Bedroom Flooring That is Simple to Clean

If you are not into cleaning, perhaps hardwood flooring, laminate floor installation, vinyl floor installation, or engineered hardwood flooring are the perfect options for you. Aside from occasional sweeping, hardwood flooring and wooden stairs do not require much cleaning.  It is easy to clean up any mess with the use of a dry mop or a rag, leaving no trace of any substance on your floors.  Most flooring materials cannot make this claim.

Classic Addition for All Room Types

Ultimately, hardwood flooring provides any bedroom with a feel that is contemporary and classic.  As a timeless option, it is likely to appeal to others in the future if you decide to put your home on the market.  It will also add value to your home, providing a superb bedroom flooring choice.

Hardwood for Bedroom Flooring Disadvantages
More Costly Than Carpeting

Although hardwood flooring actually costs more than carpet, this price is offset as its lifespan is significantly longer than that of carpeting. Although you hope that your carpeting could stretch through the decade, hardwood flooring is likely to outlive you, especially if hardwood floor repair and maintenance are executed, making the cost of it feel more affordable.

Cooler to the Touch and Noisy

Although carpet absorbs sounds, you can literally hear each item that touches your hardwood floors, like baby feet, the paw-steps of pets, and even a dropped pencil.  Its temperature will also feel much cooler to the touch in the wintertime.  But, you can always purchase a rug to put beside your bed, solving this issue if it affects you!

Susceptible to Scratching

Finally, hardwood flooring is susceptible to scratching but hardly ever stains, unlike carpeting, so when you consider the potential for damage, it’s a trade-off. Regardless of which way you go, there is some potential for damage to bedroom flooring that cannot be ignored.
If you have trouble choosing between carpeting and hardwood flooring, contact us to discuss your options. We have experience with all types of bedroom flooring and would be glad to sit down and discuss the benefits of hardwood flooring in depth anytime.