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How to select the best color for your hardwood floor?

Hardwood flooring contractors Chicago residents recommend know that hardwood floors are available in numerous styles, types, and colors to assist you in renovating your home completely. If you are uncertain about which color of wood to select, below are a few suggestions of points to consider during the process of hardwood floor refinishing Chicago homeowners trust.

Advantages and disadvantages of dark colors

Dark, exotic, hardwood flooring Chicago provides a classic vibe and work best accompanied by high gloss and precious materials. They look best on bigger surfaces accompanied with some metal, stone, or glass. With this interior type, the smoothness of the surfaces of the materials themselves is the best decoration. We recommend selecting furniture with simple, geometric, and veneer facings that coordinate with the grain and the color of the floor, though not specifically the same kind of wood. Be certain that your home’s interior does not feature too many knick-knacks. You can select one ornate piece that can contribute statement and character to the interior.
A dark floor is tolerant as far as the colors go. The dicey contrast is found in the mixture of walls in a pure, continuous whiteness with a wooden floor with a very dark hue.  At the end of the day, this contrast may be arduous, which is a main reason to ensure the apartment’s design is well thought out. Choosing a lighter beige or off-white wall color is a safer option for complimenting dark floors. Trying an intense, strong color on one or two walls is also worth a try.

Advantages and disadvantages of of light colors

Bright floors can make the interior visually appear larger. A shade of hardwood floors that is a bit lighter does not inflict itself and offers the impression of simplicity and naturalness. They go well with practically any architectural style.
For an interior that is more contemporary, metal accents and simple furniture are perfect, for something more rustic or farmhouse style – include a bit of patinated wood or some wicker. You can include some colorful accents, grays and minimalist décor items if you prefer a Scandinavian design.
A light floor with dark furniture should be minimalist and include lines that are clean and simple. When your hardwood floor is bright, you can choose white, light or dark furniture. White and light hues often require a touch of vivid color on curtains, bedspreads or pillows, although dark ones cannot be enormous as they will optically “collapse” the floor.

To summarize: dark hardwood floors are better for interiors that are more spacious. They will asist you in achieving an atmosphere that is soothing and calming while at the same time providing some luxury and elegance. On the other hand, light hardwood flooring allows for a much greater opportunity as far as the color choice of furniture and accessories.