Laminate or Hardwood. Which is Better?

For various reasons, it may feel a bit intimidating when the time comes to select a new flooring type. You are likely concerned about how it will turn out after installation but you should also consider your budget as well as the numerous and varied styles available.  The amount of flooring choices might overwhelm you.   Hardwood flooring and laminate floor installation are among the most popular floor choices today. Vinyl floor installation has gone down in popularity. Continue reading below to learn which of these two options will fit in better with your budget and your plans.

Which Flooring Has a Better Price?

Although solid hardwood’s lifespan is longer, it is obvious that the price of hardwood flooring Chicago will always be higher than that of laminate. The average price of laminate runs approximately $1 to $3 per square foot, and the average price of hardwood flooring is around $4 to $8 per square foot. However, this price varies depending on the wood type, etc.
But, prior to choosing laminate automatically, keep in mind the best laminate that looks the most like hardwood can be expensive so you may not save any money in the end.

Which Flooring Is the Most Aesthetically Pleasing?

Hands down, hardwood is a classic and is nicer looking than laminate. Additionally, there is a prestige that comes with hardwood and there is no laminate type that can match or beat it.  But, from afar, certain laminate makes a solid replica of the hardwood flooring look.
Only someone closely examining your laminate would notice that you do not actually have hardwood flooring.  More recent laminate models even apply random pattering to their flooring to make it appear more realistic and natural.  When it comes to straight up appearance, hardwood flooring continues to be the front runner. Faux wood will not allow you to indefinitely fool anybody.

Which Flooring is Easier to Maintain and Clean?

Hardwood flooring has become much easier to maintain than it once was. Today, cleaning is simplified as you can sweep or vacuum hardwood floors. But, if you require a deeper clean, you can use a wood cleaner and a damp mop.  However, if you need a more thorough cleaning, damp-mopping with a wood cleaner will be enough. The positive side of today’s hardwood flooring installation is the application of a polyurethane varnish in order to seal floors properly, eliminating the need for polishing and waxing.  Aside from that, hardwood floor repair may be performed where it is impossible with vinyl flooring.
You can also use a vacuum or a broom to clean laminate flooring.  However, you should be careful with water and apply as little as possible. You are better off using floor cleaner on a damp mop.  A steam cleaner should be avoided at all costs as it may melt the glue that is beneath the laminate. A damp mop with floor cleaner is the best choice, but you should never use a steam cleaner because it will melt the glue under the laminate. Hardwood flooring contractors warn that a surplus of moisture is hard on both types of floor.

Which Type of Flooring Has the Longest Expected Lifespan?

In the lifespan category, hardwood flooring is the obvious winner as hardwood may endure approximately 100 years if it is maintained adequately and cleaned correctly. The added maintenance is worth it for this reason alone.
Alternatively, the lifetime of laminate tends to last approximately 15 to 25 years. For this reason, if you seek a home investment that will endure the duration of your time in the home, you should choose hardwood flooring which includes bamboo flooring, cork flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, and even wooden stairs.

Speak To An Qualified Professional

Although laminate flooring is a great option for certain homes, this guide makes it clear that hardwood flooring is the overall winner. If you are interested in exploring your hardwood flooring options, contact us. We have been in the business for a long time and can help you with your hardwood flooring needs!