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Is your Wood Floor squeaking?

If you have wooden floors in your house, you know that at certain times there might be one or two spots that squeak when you step on them. I’m talking about those spots you try to avoid stepping on when you are trying to move around silently. Regardless of where those spots are, they do not have to be there at all. If there is something wrong with your hardwood flooring, it requires a professional solution, and we can help you out.

Even a squeaking problem has a solution. The squeak or creak is due to floor movement or shifting. Therefore, the solution starts by identifying the location of such a movement on your floor and its cause. Next You need to identify what would be the best way to fix the issue. We, at PETER Hardwood Flooring, can help you. Let’s start by sharing with you the most common causes of the noise on wooden floors. Our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals have huge field expertise on these problems.

Subfloor Problems
The reason why your floor squeaks may lay due to the subfloor. An area that is not level or uneven in the subfloor is often the most common reason for creaky hardwood flooring Chicago. Any space between the subfloor level and the wooden floor allows movement and therefore generates noise. The base structure or the joists that hold up the floor can be another reason for an uneven floor.
Another reason can be the condition or the quality of the subfloor. If there is any water damage, it was not properly done, or it is too old your subfloor will not be up to its task. If your subfloor is severely damaged, it may not be able to hold nails or other fasteners, causing a loose subfloor or top floor. The movement or shifting that the loose subfloor or top floor allow, could cause creaking and other noises.

Joist Issues are another cause of Squeaking
To horizontally frame an open space, a structure that uses joists or beams is built, which is located beneath the subfloor. This structure is the base upon which the subfloor lays down. Its function is to stabilize the subfloor and prevent any movement from happening.
Therefore, any issue with the joists or the structure itself will cause a loose floor and its consequent movement. The loose or warped joists or their improper installation is something an experienced professional should be able to identify easily. A technician will inspect the joints supporting your floor and determine the nature of the problem.

The PETER Hardwood Flooring technician will need to access your basement or area where the joists are to confirm the cause of the movement and determine what needs to be done. It is essential that the professional carrying out the inspection be a certified one with enough field expertise in these flooring problems.

Seasonal Squeaking
Your floors may not always squeak but only flair up at certain times of the year. Any engineered hardwood flooring, as well as any solid hardwood floor, is made of real wood. The wood reacts to temperature and humidity changes by expanding and contracting. Therefore, this is a normal slight change that takes place on your floors. It also means there is nothing wrong with your hardwood floors. It is a normal process related to weather changes and there is nothing to be done about it
A dry winter may cause squeaking by making your wood floor contract. This contraction allows a floor movement that causes squeaking. When humidity levels return to a stable level between 40%- 60%, the squeaking will normally cease.

How To Fix
Fixing a hardwood floor problem is not easy and for sure it is not something you can do by yourself. Trying to do so may aggravate the problems as well as increase the repair costs. Some solutions, such as using a shim, a nail, a plank, or an adhesive, may work, but only temporarily. This is a job for a professional to take care of. You may consider our hardwood floor repair service to revitalize your flooring. PETER Hardwood Flooring technicians know what needs to be done to make your floors as gleaming and quiet as new. Give us a call and let us help you sort your wooden floor issues out.