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Skirting boards – what should we know about them?

There are as many possibilities for interior design as there are types of skirting boards. Manufacturers of these and other interior finishing elements provide an extensive variety and selection. People seeking a specific skirting board will most certainly find a design that suits them.

Skirting board – what role does it play and what exactly is it?

A skirting board, no matter if it is wooden or MDF, plays the same part. As part of the floor finishing process, it is meant to protect floors and walls against corner damage while providing an elegant finish to the floor.
Every wooden panel, carpet, or parquet requires aesthetic finish and skirting boards provide just that. Skirting boards are the finishing touch for any floor, no matter what it is made of and should be considered when refinishing hardwood flooring Chicago projects floors. Skirting boards are apt for floors covered with panels (skirting boards), PVC coverings, and even ceramic tiles.

Which skirting boards to select?

A skirting board, aside from its necessity to be attractive, must also be functional. It is necessary to use relatively durable skirting boards as skirting boards must protect the joints between walls and floors. It is worth using wide skirting boards or metal moldings, as long as it does not interfere with the aesthetic of the interior.

How to select a good skirting board?

A specific skirting board should be matched to the width of the expansion gap. Or else, buying skirting boards is pointless. Keep in mind that skirting boards may also have additional functions, such as hiding cables. When preparing to purchase skirting boards, it is recommendable to consider whether it is necessary to apply a skirting that covers wires.

What kinds of skirting boards are there?

Wooden skirting boards are a traditional choice among skirting boards. Commonly, coniferous trees, like pine, are used to manufacture skirting boards. Keep in mind that wooden skirting boards fit both traditional and modern interiors. Wooden slats can easily be repainted, which is excellent information for people who tend to change their design aesthetic frequently.
MDF skirting boards are another type of skirting board. These design types are typiclaly covered with veneers or lacquers. Keep in mind that MDF skirting boards can be created in any color.
Metal skirting boards are yet another type of skirting board. These design types are most commonly made from aluminum and only occasionally made of steel. This skirting board category is the most resistant to damage, both mechanical and that caused by other external factors such as moisture. Metal moldings are more commonly installed in offices, but sometimes in kitchens and hallways.

If you are unsure which skirting board will best suit your floor, please contact us and we will guide you through encountering an appropriate solution. Our vast industry experience allows us to choose appropriate skirting boards for each type of floor.