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Taking Your Hardwood Floor from Garbage to Gleam

Hardwood floor refinishing instead of new installation

If you have recently purchased a home with older hardwood floors, or if you have lived in a home for a long time and your hardwood floors have some noticeable wear and tear, you might be thinking “What can I do to get these floors into shape without having to replace them?” There are solutions for you that can take your floors from garbage to gleam without breaking the bank! You simply need to know what you are looking for and who the right people are to get the job done.


Experts taking care of your old hardwood flooring

When you have an older floor or a floor that has a lot of wear and tear, hardwood floor refinishing Edgewater Chicago might be just what the doctor ordered. This can be done to get that “new floor shine” restored in an older floor. It’s also appropriate for a room update as changing the color of a stain, can easily do the trick. For this, you will need a trained expert that sands your current hardwood floors to the point where the defects (or the stain) can’t be seen, then refinishes the floors to the point where they gleam – good as new!

Now, a lot of home improvement shows might boast that this could be a “do it yourself” job. However, especially when dealing with older floors, it is an excellent idea to enlist the services of a professional. The last thing a homeowner needs with hardwood floors is to make a misstep that could require the replacement of the whole floor. Trusting a professional to provide their expertise on any refinishing project can save you money and headache, especially if the project has unforeseen obstacles.

Communication with your hardwood flooring contractor

Want to prevent problems? Set up an outline of what your expectations are when starting a refinishing project. It’s the best way to give the contractor you are going to use an idea of the work needed and your expectations for completion. By doing this, you can give the contractor what they need, for example, if they needed stain matching if they are not refinishing the entire surface to match another part of the floor or even another room, and so on. A professional contractor will discuss how their services can satisfy your need, what the timeline for the project will consist of, and how close they can get to meeting or exceeding your expectations.

If you are seeking information about the cost of refinishing hardwood floors in the Chicago area give us a call. When looking to refinish hardwood floors in Chicago, our company won’t be beaten when it comes towards cost and quality of work.