Professional hardwood flooring contractors Chicago will provide you with a plethora of advantages. Even if the ease alone makes the labor cost worthwhile, the finished product is what attracts customers. DIY hardwood floor refinishing Chicago projects seldom seem polished.


Here are three benefits of using experts on the project to maximize the usage of your material costs:


  1. Scratching Scars

The majority of do-it-yourself refinishers rent drum sanders from the nearby hardware shop. This is a commercial item made for use by customers. This artifact is not the same one that experts use. Your wood floors may not sustain any harm if you sand slowly and gently. Nevertheless, a wide range of typical issues might develop while utilizing a drum sander, including:


  • Dips
  • Pits
  • Scuffs
  • Swirl traces


Dust is another issue you must deal with because of the effect it has on the finished product.

Experienced refinishers of hardwood floor installation Chicago have access to high-grade sanders that assist you to avoid these problems.


  1. Skilled Hardwood Floor Refinishers Provide A Smooth Finish.

Many application errors may lead to flaking, and peeling floor finishes, but the most typical is too much dye residue left behind. The longer a stain remains on hardwood flooring Chicago, the more difficult it is to remove. Furthermore harmful and causes extra accumulation is applying additional applications of stain. It’s hardly surprising that beginners who choose deeper stains often have this issue.

Yet they’re not the only ones that have trouble doing it correctly. Peeling may also result from just adding a finish before the floor is completely dry. Your stain could take one to four days to fully dry, depending on the kind and the hue.

Sadly, a peeling or flaking finish cannot receive hardwood floor repair Chicago quickly and effectively. Sanding it down once again and repeating the procedure is the only remedy. In addition to being a big waste of time and resources, this shortens the lifespan of your wood floor by many years.


  1. Premature Wear

Your beautifully sanded, stained, and finished wood floors will astound you after a week or more of arduous work. Sadly, you may not stay in that state for very long. One of the most frequent DIY floor refinishing mistakes might result in you having to redo the procedure in around a year.


It takes a lot of time and works to refinish a wood floor. Despite your repeated reminders, homeowners often underestimate the procedure. Some individuals use this as an excuse to ignore the obvious or take shortcuts.

To get a completely smooth surface, it’s crucial to repeatedly sand the floor using sandpaper with finer grits after you’ve removed irregularities. While your hands and eyes may not be able to see the difference, your stain and finish will be greatly affected.


Make an appointment with one of our staff members from PETER Flooring’s skilled hardwood floor refinishers. We’ll do the task properly.