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Get the best flooring for your home

Different types of flooring are for different people. Many people ponder on hardwood flooring South Loop. There is no wonder why, it’s from natural wood and looks marvellous. However, it is a pricey option and need refinishing every once in couple years. There’s no denying that it’s very durable, aesthetically pleasing and comes in wide variety of materials. Another type of flooring is engineered hardwood flooring. It is slightly different, because it consists of couple of layers and is more resistant to moisture than standard hardwood flooring.

Sadly, it lasts shorter because it can be only refinished once or twice in lifetime, whereas hardwood floors up to 6 times. It costs similarily. Next common type of flooring is laminate. It’s a wonderful solution for people who cannot afford hardwood, but wish of similar outcome. It is very durable, it also requires minimal maintenance. But it is not suitable for rooms with high humidity and constant contact with water.


Different flooring types for different needs

After popular types of flooring, let’s move on to vinyl flooring. It is great for bathrooms, as it is water resistant and is easy in maintenance. Vinyl flooring is cheap and very durable. Also individual pieces can be replaced easily when something breaks. But vinyl flooring is made of chemicals that can irritate eyes, cause respiratory problems if a toxic out-gassing occurs. It is also prone to discoloration.

Next type is bamboo flooring is a natural solution and eco-friendly. It is relatively easy to maintain and can last a long time. Floors look really stunning, but it is as expensive as hardwood and sensitive to humidity. Finally, cork flooring. It is soft and cushiony and could be great for bedrooms or children’s rooms. It is easy to maintain and could be refinished. Sadly, it’s not very durable and water-resistant. To sum up, decide carefully on flooring type for your interiors.