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What to Expect during Floor Refinishing?

What to Expect from a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Chicago Job

The process of hardwood floor refinishing is a mystery to most homeowners. You have a hardwood floor and you know the basics of how to maintain it…but now it needs refinishing. What should you expect? The expectations for hardwood floor refinishing Joliet jobs are fairly consistent overall. Here is what our friends at Peter Flooring tell us.


Our Tips for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Chicago Ease

Depending on how extensive a refinishing job is, you may want to leave during the job. Why? No matter how good a job the contractor does sealing off the area, dust will end up flying around. In addition to the dust, the odors from your chosen stain or from polyurethane will permeate the air for several days. This can be unpleasant to live with. Also, most floors will take a while to fully cure. Though a floor may dry in about 24 hours and is able to be used, it is sometimes good to give it some extra time. Most flooring jobs can last an average of three to five days. However, this can depend on the amount of flooring, the size of individual rooms, the amount of damage to your floors, etc. During this time, all furniture in a given room will have to be moved. The process of refinishing can be very noisy, due to the equipment used. Due to these many factors, trying to navigate a home while avoiding the area being refinished can be a pain. Consider staying with friends or family, or planning a vacation during this time.