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When it’s time to change the whole floor and when just to fix it?

Hardwood floor refinishing can go a long way

Wood floors are very durable and can withstand plenty of use and abuse before they require replacement. With proper care and timely repairs, they can easily last 50 years and sometimes even longer. So where exactly lies that fine line between shopping for new hardwood flooring in Chicago and salvaging the old one?

First indicator is the scope of damage. If it’s only your regular tear and wear then hardwood floor refinishing will definitely do. Keep in mind though that this can be done only limited number of times, usually up to ten but it all depends on the type and condition of wood. If your home sports engineered hardwood flooring then you can do refinishing once as the hardwood constitute only thin topmost layer of the whole board. Another situation when repair makes a viable option is with actual damage limited to small fraction of the floor.

Hardwood floor installation – when your floor is beyond all repair

However, there are some circumstances when no amount of fixing will help. Flooding is definitely one of them as it results in buckling and warping of hardwood floors. If only part of the floor seems to be affected by water damage then you may consider repairing it. Keep in mind though that it’s not solely an esthetic problem and even the areas that look good might sustained serious structural damage. Another situation that calls for hardwood floor replacement is mold. If the problem runs to deep, and subfloor layer requires removal then you want to shop for new flooring.

The same goes for termites. Of course, you have to eradicate them but if they’ve already munched large chunk of your floors then complete replacement is in place. Of course, each situation is different so before you decide one way or another speak with hardwood flooring contractors Oak Brook to determine proper solution.

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