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With over thirty years of experience, Peter Gasinski is the hardwood floor installation & refinishing specialist Chicago needs to contact for all their hardwood floor needs. Whether your Chicago home needs hardwood floor installation, refinishing or your needs are larger, we’ve got you covered! Peter Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing Chicago has floored shopping malls, shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, motels, gymnasiums, dance studios, churches, apartments, and private homes. We are here to provide you right here in Chicago with the hardwood floor of your dreams, starting from hardwood floor installation and refinishing. You will love our staff, most of whom have been with the company since its start, guaranteeing a smooth, enjoyable experience. We will do our best to meet your aesthetic needs for your venue. Check out our services page for more details on the work we do. Contact us now if you do not see what you need.

Peter Flooring - Best Hardwood Floor Installation Specialist in Chicago

At Peter Hardwood Flooring Installation, we believe that the biggest part of what makes hardwood flooring beautiful is ensuring you have the best hardwood flooring installation service. While quality of wood matters, it also matters that the company and team that you work with take pride in their work and treat your property as they would their own. At Peter Hardwood Floor Installation, we offer nothing but the best in hardwood flooring products to our customers and hold our employees to the highest expectations when it comes it customer service and craftsmanship. That is why Peter Hardwood has become a trusted name in the Chicago area; we make sure your flooring is done right the first time.

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Chicago Deserves

When you are considering refinishing hardwood flooring, calling a professional is highly recommended. For the best hardwood floor refinishing in Chicago, Peter Flooring is the place to call. Wood floors can last a lifetime, but sometimes they need a little help. With our years of experience, we can bring life to your battered, worn floor, making it look as good as new. Hardwood flooring refinishing is the process of sanding an existing hardwood floor and applying a new stain to it. Spruce up any room with a new looking floor or with a new color that matches your new furnishings.

Peter Flooring Chicago - Experts in Hardwood Flooring Installation

When you speak to a Peter Hardwood Floor Installation representative, you will be speaking to an expert that wants to ensure you get the highest quality hardwood flooring installation services you need at your home or business. At Peter Hardwood Floor Installation Chciago we always give our clients a fair price and ensure that you understand the process to get the flooring of your dreams. Our highly trained team will work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to your hardwood flooring installation. From start to finish, you will have the peace of mind that your home is in capable hands.
Remember, it isn’t just the quality of the hardwood that makes your floors look timeless and beautiful; it’s also the craftsmanship that goes into your hardwood flooring installation. For a job done right for a fair price, call Peter Hardwood Floor Installation today.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists in Chicago at Peter Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood flooring is an asset; raising property values and bringing a luxury appeal to any room. Unfortunately, hardwood flooring can lose its luster over time due to poor maintenance; that’s where we come in. At Peter Hardwood Flooring Contractors, we offer the best hardwood floor refinishing services in Chicago. We take a minimalist approach when it comes to sanding, focusing on taking off the least amount possible, while also ensuring that the ‘new’ surface is even, to allow for the best possible outcome for your new finish. Unlike the rentable machines at the home renovation store, our floor sanders are state of the art and professional grade. The hardwood floor refinishing team is thoroughly trained to know how to evenly sand hardwood flooring, and are experts in applying hardwood floor finishes evenly and proportionally to achieve the finish you want.

Trusted and Reliable Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Chicago

Peter Hardwood Floor Installation Services Chicago has come to love and trust after three decades of experience. Every venue has a different need for its hardwood floor installation, and we are happy to help in any way we can. A home hardwood floor is very different from a dance or gymnasium floor, and we love discussing your flooring needs. For perfect hardwood floor installation of a brand new floor call Peter Hardwood Flooring Installation today! Hardwood floors are an investment, and we aim to make your hardwood floor a work of art that will last a lifetime.

We are happy to assist you in making your flooring dreams a reality - we are one of the best Hardwood Floor Installation Companies in Chicago.

Peter Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing Chicago Testimonials

My husband and I just moved to the Chicago area and bought a home that had beautiful wood flooring, but it was in pretty rough shape. We called up Peter and I honestly think it was the best hardwood floor refinishing job in Chicago! We could not be happier and our floors look amazing. We would recommend his team to anyone looking to have their hardwood floors refinished.
Mary Amison

I had new hardwood flooring installed in my dance studio recently and could not have been happier with the service I received. From start to finish I felt like I was well taken care of and that the whole team was knowledgeable in what I wanted and needed in our space. My studio looks amazing!
Lipiang Lin

After redecorating our home of 20 years, we decided it was time for a change for our floors too. Our floors weren’t necessarily in bad shape but the stain was way too red compared to the paint colors we’d chosen. We were able to work with the guys at Peter Hardwood to get a great hardwood refinish for a great price!
Bobby & Lorraine Fowler

I was recommended by a friend that Peter Hardwood had the best hardwood flooring installation in Chicago and chose to go with them to pull up our old carpet and put in hardwood to increase our properties value. They had a really great selection, knew what they were doing and got the job done fast.
Samuel Miller

We worked with Peter’s team to get some new flooring installed after seeing some great examples of their work at a few places around town. From other local business owners, we heard some fantastic stuff about their craftsmanship and professionalism and we were thrilled by the results at our restaurant! We’d work with them again at our other locations in a heartbeat.
Clayton & Marie Adams

Why Choose Peter Hardwood Floor Installation Services Chicago

Hardwood floor is a sophisticated and timeless flooring staple for any home. At Peter Hardwood Floor Installation, we recognize this fact and are ready to help you with all of your flooring needs. Our staff consists only of the most highly trained and experienced professionals, ready to make your hardwood installation jobs a reality.

We know quality matters, and we are happy to provide that quality at a price that is reasonable and affordable. In addition, while we never rush our work, we are happy to provide our quality services in a timely fashion that will help you get a new hardwood flooring installation or improved floor without too much disruption to your home and your life. We value your time and want nothing more than to satisfy your hardwood flooring installation needs. We provide a wide variety of wood styles and finishes.

No matter what you are searching for in a wood floor, we can find a style to suit your needs. If you are not sure what to look for, our experts are happy to help discuss your needs with you and make recommendations. A hardwood floor installation is an investment, and we eagerly await the chance to help!

Highest Quality Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Chicago

If you are redecorating or have recently purchased a home, you may simply wish to lighten or darken the finish of your hardwood flooring to match a new home décor style. In order to get the perfect finish on your hardwood floors, you just need to visit us or give us a call! Our customer service representatives are highly trained in finish options and which finishes compliment designs, styles and décor. At Peter Hardwood, our floor refinishing services includes providing the highest quality products in order to complete your refinishing project. From start to finish, you will be assisted by experts who will walk you through every step of the process. For the best refinishing service in Chicago, just call Peter Flooring!

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